Thursday, September 21, 2017

Calender Art

Come down to Parkvale school to buy my Art NOW you only have a couple of days left to buy this art. The Art was made with red dye, green dye, orange dye and black dye. I spent lots of time to make this art. Me and my friends Jimmy and Charlie had the idea to do this art. When my art was finished I put one of my favourite rugby players on it, Beauden Barrett (Because I Like Rugby.)
I hope you buy my art.

Created By Mitch

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rippa Rugby

On the 27th of Tuesday 2017 we went to Rippa Rugby my team came fourth place out of all of the schools in Hastings and Havelock North primary. The Kids that were in my team were very nice to each other because we were supporting each other when we got trys and good rips. When won all of our games that we played but we lost one against firmly school. When we played them the had lots of good players and we did too. The people are Me, Noah, Camo, Toby, Jaden, Callan, Kalae, Ruby, Niamh and Emma. In the team all of our players scored Because we were passing to the girls and the boys in our team and that is how we scored and won most of our games.

Maori Hand Games

Hi guys today i'm going to show you and teach you how to do the games that we did at the Maori hand games. We played knuckle bones, the string game, Hae tama tutama and e hipe toitoi. My favourite game was the string game because I love doing the sting tricks and I love making the tricks with the string. One of my challenge's was doing the knuckle bones because we needed to flip our hand around and catch them on our other side of our hand. I had lots of fun when we were at room 6 and 7 doing the Maori Hand games.
Thank you for letting rimu hub come and play your game that you had for us.
By Mitch.

Crazy Shoe's

These are my new crazy shoes that I made they can be in all sizes and they are for adults, teens, kids and baby's. They are made so when you are felling lazy you can slip them on and flot around the place .

How to backflip

How to Backflip #Trampoline
Mitch’s Blog Post
Hi guys today I’m going to teach you guys how to backflip on a trampoline. You want to practice a to do a back cartwheel and do it for 2 minutes. Once you are feeling like you can do a back handspring add a little bounce and go back. If you are feeling like you are confident do a big bounce a go back and tuck.

Here Is A Video

Thanks For watching comment below if you liked it!

Interdependence Rap

Interdependence Rap + Art
Yesterday my group made a rap about the holidays

I was the leader of the rap. Me and Zack were
Image result for star wars gungan bongossaying the words that my group put onto the paper
that we were doing the art on. I used my
Interdependence muscle and i said to oscar to do
the art and I do the rap with Zack, Skyla, Monica
and Alyssa And the others do the art work

Thanks For Reading My Blog Post

Math WK10/11

I learnt a lot from Mr M and I liked to do the task because I learned a lot from it. It was hard because we had to do a lot because we are stage 6 in math.

I learnt how to use an abacus because I never knew how to use an abacus before.

Problem of the day was challenging because we went up to 30,647 and we had to take away 28,933 and it was hard, But when we were doing it up to the hundreds I got the hang of it and it made it easier. I learned how to subtract big numbers and then I was really good at subtracting. I enjoyed working out all of the math problems and Mr M helped me so I could get the answers right.

  • Something I found challenging was:  I learned how to subtract big numbers
  • I enjoyed: I enjoyed working out all of the math problems
I was able to do the task because: I was really focusing