Monday, June 27, 2016

My Passion Project

I'm blogging this because I want to share my passion project.

I put a lot of effort into this and it take me a long to do this. I have got some videos of some rugby skills and instructions to tell you how to do it.

Describe your passion project. What was your learning in it? What were you trying to produce?(My passion project basically me showing people how to do some rugby skills and Teaching how to do it properly)

How far did you get with your passion project? What would have helped you to get further? I finished it.(I got my passion project done when we had to get it done)

What was the most challenging part of your passion project? (Making my instructions and remembering how to do it)

What was surprising about your passion project? (That I got it done on time)

Did you follow your plan well? Why or why not? (I followed it and I did what it said)

Which learning muscles did you use the most while you were working on your passion project? How did you use each one? (I managed my distractions when people were distracting me)

Which learning muscles did you find difficult to stretch during passion project time?(Absorption  because it took me a little while to get into my learning)

Include a picture/embedded link to your passion project. My Slide

If you were allowed to pick a new passion project, what would you choose and why?
(Scootering because I will show my tricks and tell how to do it)

What was your favourite part of passion projects?(My favourite part was Making the videos and put them on and teaching people how to do it)


  1. Nice slide show nice work keep it up.

  2. Nice keep it up and I like the slide show and
    you must like rugby keep it up and I can't wait till you post another rugby slide show.
    awesome work.

  3. Nice job Mitchell,I think you had a great passion project.
    Great blog post Mitch.Keep up the great work.