Thursday, March 31, 2016


My Best Learning
I am proud of this because I put lots of effort into it and I think I put my personal best in to it. My biggest challenge was thinking of ideas to write down because I had to try hard to remember.

The Bamboo forest

There are a jumble of loud rowdy children in the bamboo forest. The bamboo forest is exciting but sometimes a little dangerous. Out of nowhere you can hear bamboo stick breaking, trees waving and children howling.

The bamboo forest is a fun area to play in because you can pretend to be a survivor. The bamboo forest is fun because you get to explore places you haven’t been to before, and get to climb trees whenever you want. In the bamboo forest you can get stick and pretend to fight like it was the end of the world. The bamboo forest has lots of cool secret spots for you to make bases in.

In the bamboo forest you can hear lots of noises everywhere. You can hear car driving past, birds singing there nice songs, Bamboo sticks shaking and sticks falling to the ground.

The bamboo forest feels round, wooden, smooth, spocky.

The bamboo forest is a fun area to play in. Make sure you go to Camp Omatua and play in the bamboo forest.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Dogs

My dogs are nice. They are friendly and one of them might bark but don't be afraid. They will get used to you. My dogs names are Lincoln and Floyd. Lincoln will run and lick your hand and Floyd will bark for a little while. Floyd is kind when you get to know him. Lincoln can not stand the water. When ever we turn on the hose he will climb over the gate that we lock him in and will run after the hose. Floyd likes the water at the river.

I got Lincoln for my 7th birthday. When I first saw him I looked at his feet and said "Wow his feet are massive. And when he was 1 year old he started to dig holes in the back garden.

Floyd likes to have peace and quiet. And when Floyd was 1 year old he started to dig holes in the back garden too. When he is happy his tail will shake left to right very fast. When me and Colin take Lincoln and Floyd to the river, Floyd will run around the drive way for 5 seconds and then he hops into the truck.

Here is a picture of Lincoln. 

                                                                   Here is a picture of Floyd

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hockey Guide

Hockey Guide

I am writing this because I am talking to you about learning hockey.
In week 3 we started hockey. The man was a very good teacher. His name was Regan. He taught us dribbling, Indian dribbling, skip step and pass and juggling. We learnt about the rules about hockey so people know about the rules before we got to do the hockey. We did a warm up game then we would do the hockey. My favourite skill that I learnt was the skip, step and pass. Regan taught me lots of things. He even showed me something cool. He threw it up in the air and then he flipped his hockey stick in the air then he caught it then the ball went on his hockey stick.