Thursday, August 11, 2016



Hi guys today I'm blogging this because I want to share my work about Handball. I have been doing a project about Handball and it is fun.

Handball is a sport in the Olympics. It is not the Handball that you play at home with your friends, its much harder to play because you get to run with the ball. There are 2 teams and there are 6 men and one goal keeper. You're not allowed to step into the goal circle. That is not a goal and that is one of the rules of Handball. In 2016 at the Rio Olympics, Handball is being played. I think Handball is a cool sport to play and it is fun because you can ask your friends to play with you. If you want to learn to play handball, you can search it up on YouTube and it will come up. You can click what ever one that you like.

Thank you for reading my blog post about handball. I really like it and I think you will too.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Learning blog post

In week 2, rimu hub have been learning about the Olympics in Rio. We have been been doing lots for fun tasks last week. All of rimu hub have been learning a lot about the Olympics and the athletes. My favourite task was the one where my group won a packet of lollies! The task was the revising task. (When we won the lollies I was very very happy.) I have been happy because I got to learn about the Olympics for a long time and I love sports. I LOVE LEARNING ABOUT THE OLYMPICS.

My Holiday At The Snow

My Holiday At The Snow

In the holidays I went to the snow with Oscar J and his family. But my two favourite parts were going in the snow and at the climbing walls.

In the snow, it is very very cold and when I went to bed, I needed to wear my onesie and my PJ's. When you are going outside, you have to wear some warm clothes and you do not want to wear summer clothes. You will be freezing, like in the night. 

When you go skiing, it is fun because you can go where ever you want and do what ever you want. I went skiing last year and it was fun because I went to the bottom and I got to go back to the top on the chair lift. When I first learnt to ski, I was nervous but when I got the hang of it, I felt good.

When we were at the climbing walls I went up lots of them. One of the walls had no handles to grab on to, it was dark and I could only see the bottom from where you start from. It was hard because you had to use your back and legs to climb up (but it was safe because you had a harness hooked up to you). When I first went up I was nervous but on my second go I felt good because I knew it wasn't scary.  My favourite wall was one of the green and yellow walls because you had to climb and at the top it curved around and you had to ring the bell.

Thank you for reading my Holiday blog post