Friday, June 17, 2016

My Basic Facts

Hi, I'm blogging  this because I want to share my learning.

After morning tea we do basic facts to get us more better at maths. I like it because I learn lots and lots from my teacher which is Mrs Carr. Some days we get hard questions, some days we get easy questions. Every time if we get 10/10 we get a smelly sticker. Every day we get different questions so we can learn more and more. I mostly get then all right. My goal is to get all of them right and go up to the next math stage group so I can get better and better. I like it when we get hard questions because I learn lots more and get better at math. All of Rimu hub does basic facts every day but some days we do quick write. All of Rimu hub have to go to a basic facts stage group. I'm in stage five and I hope I can get to stage six

Here is a photo and I've got all of my questions right 


  1. Nice work Mitchell, keep up the great work.

  2. Nice work Micth,It looks like you are getting better and better at your maths!
    Good job