Friday, February 17, 2017

My Waka Writing 2017

Waka Writing

Here is my waka art it is all about my whanau and what I love. I put a lot of effort into this piece of art. I made it all about me and my family and I drew what I love. I put My two dogs because I love they and they are funny some times and checky. I put NZ in because it stands for my country which is New Zealand. The fam means the family for my family. Fox Fan means Tanner fox fan on youtube. In the bottom left is my scooter and it was a VX6 Team. On the top of the paper it has stars the represent the people that have died in my family. The MT on the paper is my initials that are Mitchell Townsend and there are love hearts around my initials with my family names on them. And I also put youtube on the paper.
And that is what my waka is about.
By Mitch.T